Which factors you must consider while buying home?

Buying home is not an easy decision. For many of us this is their once in a lifetime opportunity. The savings of entire life is spent in this. Thus it becomes very very important to make wise decisions. Here we bring you the comprehensive list of factors which are important to consider before you make your final decisions to buy the home. We will discuss on it one by one in detail.

Which factors you must consider while buying home?

1. Unit Size of Home

Unite Size is meant for area of home, like built up area, carpet area, room size, space dimensions of the house. It must be sufficient for next 10 years down the line. Nuclear families may adjust today in a 2 BHK now but after 5-6 years they need separate room for their son & daughter. May be you need an extra room for your parents who you want to bring from your native land. So, while buying home decide the right unit size like 2 BHK or 2 BHK+ Study/Store room, 3 BHK or an independent house with option of 3-4 floors which is enough for your need.

2. Living Space

When it comes to live in, the house become home. You bring this to the level of your comfort. The house you opt to live with your family must have good living space. Interior decorations and design of the house is of utmost importance in it. While buying home, analyze it well in all rooms, kitchen, living room, washrooms, gallery and other areas of the flat/house. This also helps you to plan your space management. Diagonal or zig-zag or corners occupy more space so avoid them in your house. However, minor modifications may be done as per your concept of house design. Keep always in mind that greater the living space, higher is the option to enjoy luxury in home

3. Price of Property

After all it is your hard earned money. Never rush for the cheaper. First of all check the property, compare it with other market options, your level of comfort and then final decisions. There are all range of products as per your budget. If your down payment is less then financing is the option. Never fear of higher price. Look for the best as per your choice/need/demand. Compromise at lower cost means compromise in quality. Price of property fluctuates as per the trend of demand. Keep an eye on it and finalize the deal when it is at lowest. Property consultant will explain you these price analysis.

4. Nearby facilities like School, Bank, Doctor, local market

Daily household works associated with shopping, Schools, Banks, Medical facilities like hospitals, family doctor, medicine shops, restaurants, religious places to worship like Temples, Church are also a very important factor. If these are more than 1 KM in radius then it will not be good option to buy that house. If these are in walking distance then any member of your family could perform them otherwise for every small stuff you need to drive your car or bike. Home delivery is not always easy as quantity and quality both matters for us. Thus if these are closer to your house then it is a good option to live in.

5. Amenities like Gym, Park, Open Space, Parking

Amenities are the demand of our modern lifestyle. In other words, it has become a status symbol also. Going to gym is passport to fitness of our health. Having own parking gives you safety and security to your vehicle.  Open space is required for fresh air, gathering of guests, good for senior citizens leisure time. Swimming pool is good for exercise fitness. Thus if a house is equipped with these amenities it is good to live into it with you family happily.

6. Society and surroundings

Impact of society and your surroundings are not to ignore. After all you have to spent your life there. So, neighbors, their cultures and behaviors,  security of your house, clubs, groups of residents are an important factor to consider. Religion and cast are no longer social living parameters in metro cities but they should be like minded. During the final round of discussions you must check these and find your level of comfort to live there. If the history is there of any crime or murder, regular theft or conflicts of residents then you should avoid those property.

Now, these were few broad factors which we analyzed for discussion in this post. There are many more to count. We will try to cover maximum of them in our upcoming post. Keep visiting our blog and stay updated. Good day! Good Luck

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